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In todays video update I finished off the fourth season of True Blood with a clip of Deborah Ann Woll simulating a blowjob, and Rutina Wesley getting screwed by Sam Trammell on the kitchen counter. I also added one of the Deborah Ann Woll's clips from the current season, since I am an episode behind. The other featured videos today are Rumer Willis and Taylor Cole in the 2014 film titled The Ganzfeld Haunting. Taylor Cole gets her vag licked in a scene that I can only describe as both graphic and wonderful. It is like the Sound of Music and Deep Throat all in one. Tomorrow I am going to be posting Orphan Black on Blu-Ray and Hatchet III on Blu-ray. The great thing about NitroVideo is that you won't see much of what I post on other sites, because I make all of our videos and pictures. Every day I add something that is current, and every day I add something that only a celeb fan would love. Today, I think I hit all the bases, but if you have any ideas or requests e-mail them to me. Enjoy the clips!


In today's video clips I added Anna Paquin, Arielle Kebbel, Lindsay Pulsipher, and Melissa Rauch from True Blood episode titled I Smell a Rat. The best clip, in my opinion, is when Anna Paquin is carried down the steps ASS first and then chained to the basement floor where Alexander keeps his sex slaves. Anna Paquin looks fantastic chained down on all fours! I am not into chaining up women, but if the girl is into a little bondage and that girl happens to be Anna, then count me in. I would love to get down on that floor with her. We get to see Lindsay Pulsipher's ass in these clips as well. Also added today are clips of Teresa Palmer in The Grudge 2, Marta Etura and Naira Alenda in Presentimientos, Ursula Corbero in Quien Mato A Bambi, and Paula Malcomson in Ray Donovan episode Irish Spring. Tomorrow I will be finishing up the last episode of True Blood from season four. Then, I am going to blast out Orphan Black, and Spartacus. And, I also have Californication and Dexter coming in the postal mail and in Blu-ray! I am dying to see Julie Benz and Aimee Garcia naked in High Definition! I apologize for all the exclamation points but I am really and truly excited to these these movies show up in my mailbox.

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Today I added 15 video clips and 587 pics from the horror movie titled Bad Biology. This movie features nude scenes of Charlee Danielson, Ginger Starr, Jelena Jensen, Krista Ayne, Tina Krause, Vicky Wiese, and many more. I think this may be the best movie ever made! The premise of the story revolves around a girl who is a nymphomaniac (Charlee Danielson) and she bumps into a man who has injected so many steroids into his cock that it now has its own life. Charlee Danielson can't have enough sex! And, every time she does, she becomes pregnant then gives birth minutes later. The guy can't find his cock because it is crawling all around town randomly fucking women to death. If there is one thing you do today make sure you watch the clip of Jelena Jensen as the monster penis is slapping her in the face between her massive D-Cups breasts. The other clip that is a must-see is of Vicky Wiese, who plays a hooker. The monster penis breaks off inside her and she just lays there writhing on the floor having one orgasm after another. Eventually, they throw her in an alley and she just lays there cumming over and over. This one set of clips and photos took two days to put together for you, but I think it was time out of my life that was well spent :) I also added some new clips of Rhona Mitra performing Yoga with hard nipples - you can thank me later.

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Today I updated with some rare celeb photos and videos. I love burning through all of these new TV Shows on Blu-ray, but I wanted to change things up. So, I added some very rare girls that you simply will not find on anyone else's celeb site. First, we have Philippa Coulthard, who is 21 years old and has a delicious set of D-Cup boobs. Philippa Coulthard treats us to a lot of bikini shots and tight t-shirt cleavage shots that will definitely get your attention. It is her boobs - period. Her freakin boobs are just awesome and she has that 21 year old hotness thing going on. She's fucking HOT. Also, I posted the only real nude videos and photos of Freya Tingley. It is not a large photo set, but they are real, and she is also a sexy little 20 year old. Both of these excellent specimens of the female form are Aussie babes! Lastly, I caught us up on Power and I added Clara Lago from Spanish Affair (2014). Tomorrow Im going to finish up the last two episodes of True Blood, start the first season of Spartacus, and dig into 2 new Blu-ray horror flicks. More good news! I scored Californication on Bluray - it's just a matter of time till the postman delivers.

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Today's update is all about the babes of True Blood and includes sexy clips of Anna Paquin, Deborah Ann Woll, Melissa Rauch, Lindsay Pulsipher, and Sarah McCann. The best nude scene is defintely from Anna Paquin in True Blood SE3 EP08, Night on the Sun. She is riding Stephen Moyer while 100% nude. We see Anna naked from the side. We see Anna naked from the top! And best of all, we see Anna's ass naked from the top! You really have to watch the video clip to full appreciate the view of Anna Paquin's sexy, little ass.


Todays update features a fantastic Blu-ray set of videos and photos starring Anna Paquin, Jessica Tuck, Tiffany Taylor, and Kate Luyben from season 3 of True Blood. These are some of the clearest nude pictures of Anna Paquin that you will ever see. She is in the shower and Stephen Moyer decides to join her for some wet, sexy time under the water. I also added a scene from after they have sex where she is walking around in a thin dress with no bra on underneath - yum! Also in the lineup we have Paula Malcomson and Vinessa Shaw from Ray Donovan and both girls are very much naked. Vinessa Shaw looks stupendous riding on top! And last we have Jennifer Jason Leigh in a film called The Moment. Lots of sexiness from Jennifer especially when she is getting screwed on top of some boxes in the garage! I love when actresses pretend to have orgasms, because you know that is exactly the same acting their spouse is getting once a week. Tomorrow, I have already queued up multiple Blu-ray episodes of True Blood and then we are moving on to some other HD shows, although I did buy season 4 of True Blood today.