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Our first new set of video clips is a horror movie fan's dream come true! I posted Hostel in Bluray and I also finished Hostel II as well. I ran out of time to get part two posted, but it is coming your way fast. Check out the nude clips of Barbara Nedeljakova and Jana Kaderabkova banging some young men before setting them up for the kill. Those two girls are almost worth getting tortured for! And, we finally get a good look Natali Tothova and Sandy Style's nether regions - Bluray makes all the difference in your viewing pleasure. Next in line is House of the Witchdoctor starring Callie Stephens, Emily Bennett, Stephanie Grote, and Summer Bills. This movie has some seriously scary scenes but it also has Emily Bennett, who is one hot red-head babe. She tells her boyfriend "Come here, oh I need it" and he gives it to her. A few minutes later some psychos break in, and unfortunately for her, they give it to her too. Wrapping up today's celebrity videos is Rachel Korine in the show called The Knick. When I saw Rachel Korine in Spring Breakers, I knew there would be more nudity from her in the future, and she looks damn good. She pulls off her corset and those boobs are pink, perky, and perfect. I almost forgot to tell you I am working on a Bluray tonight that we have not done, and it stars a very young Alyssa Milano - woot!


Today's sexy celeb clips star Eva Green, Jessica Alba, Juno Temple, Rosario Dawson, Lili Simmons, and Ivana Milicevic. Eva Green is naked throughout most of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and that made this film rocket from excellent to spec-frickin-tacular! When Eva is naked in the bathtub I just want to start at her toes and work my way ALL the way up. Damn that woman is sexy! I wanted to wait and do this movie on Blu-ray, but it simply isn't available (YET!). Still, I'm glad I got the best nude scenes posted. Juno Temple is nude in Sin City too - We have great pictures of that babe in the buff if you go to the Killer Joe Blu-ray pics. Jessica Alba is back as the naughty stripper with the lasso - she does a lot of sexual hip grinding! And my fav-babe Rosario Dawson taunts us with her derriere, Rosario Dawson's boobs seem bigger and better than ever! Also posted today is Banshee: Always the Cowboy in Bluray and Banshee: A Mixture of Madness Bluray starring Lili Simmons with Ivana Milicevic. Ivana Milicevic shows off her boobs a few times but I think the bikini photos of Lili Simmons are the Blue Ribbon Winner. Lili is just drop dead sexy from every angle - even from behind!


Today's naked celebs are Laura Prepon, Natasha Lyonne, Taylor Schilling and Yael Stone in "Orange is the New Black." Also featured are Ying Ying Li, Lizzy Caplan, Caitlin FitzGerald and Haley Bennett. There are Blu-ray photos and videos of Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling naked in the shower. That scene is a celeb enthusiast classic, and trust me when I say that watching it in TRUE Blu-Ray is frickin' awesome. Not only that, but the part where Natasha Lyonne goes down on Yael Stone is so clear it's like you're in the shower with them!! Out of all these prison babes, I love Yael the most, so for me this is like celeb-gold. Next in line is Ying Ying Li in the T.V. series The Knick. Of course, there isn't man alive that doesn't love a naked Asian babe, and this one happens to be extra hawt. Lizzy Caplan is back in Masters of Sex and she is topless. And the babe who wraps it all up is Haley Bennett in Deep Powder. Haley Bennett has such a succulent ass - when she ran naked across the beach my jaw dropped. Some women are just born with asses like that and wowee! Tomorrow I'm finishing off the entire second season of Banshee and then I'm done - the whole season is then completed in Blu-ray. I'm also going to stay up tonight and try to finish off some kickass horror movies for all the horror fans out there (like me). More celebs in Blu-ray coming your way tomorrow!


Today's update stars Julianne Moore, Jennifer Gibson, Sarah Gadon, Alexandra Moen, Jennifer Tanarez, Karen David, and Orla Brady. I have to admit that the clip of Julianne Moore making sweet lesbian love to Jennifer Gibson and Sarah Gadon really renews my fantasies about Julianne. She looks smoking hot as a blonde! And, yes I am already looking to see if I can find this movie on Blu-ray.. But, I was also very happy with the way the first two episodes of Strike Back turned out! Wow! In Strike Back Iraq Part One (Blu-ray) we're treated to an Asian, Blonde, and an Indian girl. That's a party right there! And, all three of the ladies are super-hawt. I'm not just saying that, Alexandra Moen, Jennifer Tanarez, and Karen David PERFECT 10'S. Make sure you check out those ladies in the Blu-Ray photos section. This is one of those updates that is so good I feel bad for the people who joined my competitor's site ;-)


Today's nude clips star Emmy Rossum, Emma Greenwell, Shanola Hampton, Stephanie Fantauzzi and Rose Leslie. I'm upgrading two episodes of Shameless to Blu-ray today because nothing beats high definition digital Blu-ray when you want to see Emmy Rossum nude! And, there happened to be two great episodes back to back so I knocked them both out. In The American Dream we see Emmy naked in the shower and covered with soapy water. There is nothing about that last sentence that I don't love! And, we also see Emmy's applying lotion to her long, sexy, legs. But, do not miss the clips of Emma Greenwell showing her ass and legs in front of the dryer. I always liked Emma, but after that scene I became her number one fan. In El Gran Canon Shanola Hampton plays with her boobs while Steve Howey eats her from behind. There is another little clip in there where Emmy gets her tits groped by Justin Chatwin and those nipples are hard as rocks. There are over 300 new photos just from these two episodes! And, the new flick today is Rose Leslie in Honeymoon (2014). There are boob and ass shots of Rose, but her boobs look a lot bigger. Did she get implants? If you want to see Rose's boobs very clearly check out the older Blu-ray pics I added of her from Game of Thrones Kissed by Fire Blu-ray.


Today's sexy video clips star celebs Paz vega, Katie Findlay, Caroline Traywick, Kamille Leai, Michelle Monaghan, Ana Sakic, Biljana Hresnjek, Marija Tonic, Michelle Lombardo and more. Caroline Traywick shows us that there is something better than a pair of tits - three tits! I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Katie Findlay is wearing nothing but a teeny bra and Carlson Young shows us her ass in Premature (2014). In Cat Run (2011) Ana Sakic is totally topless. You're going to love this European model! But, Paz Vega is the real star of Cat Run and gives us several awesome views of her ass. Paz Vega's buns look toner and hotter than ever!