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Today I am upgrading a few videos to Blu-ray and we are starting with Salma Hayek and Juliette Lewis in From Dusk Till Dawn. If you love feet there are some very sexy foot clips with both of these babes. Also, Juliette Lewis looks like into the camera and says "will you please lick my pussy?" Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence show some skin in the movie The Burning Plain on Blu-ray. The best part of The Burning Plain is when Charlize is standing in the kitchen in a wet t-shirt that is rain soaked. It was obviously VERY cold outside! And the wrap up videos are Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sophie Kennedy Clark in The Nymphomaniac Vol I. To me this movie is pretty hardcore, but it is considered "celebrity" and all the celeb sites have it. Coming tomorrow: Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz straight from Blu-ray!


Starting off the clips we have Alyson Bath nude in Evil Feed (2013). Alyson looks like a young sex kitten but she is actually the most dangerous person in the whole movie. She is the girl who cleans up the losers in an underground MMA ring. By clean them up, I mean she chops them fuckers into little pieces. Of course, she is naked while she does it. Next in the queue is Nicole LaLiberte in Girls Against Boys (2012). Nicole is totally nude but also provides a lot of upskirts, bra, and panty scenes. There is just something so depraved and wonderful about looking up a hot girl's skirt, especially when she wants you to. Scene 16 (2013) has one of my favorites ladies, Emma Booth. Emma has medium size hooters, but erect nipples throughout the whole movie. And the final clip of the day is The Vampire Diaries: Welcome to Paradise with Nina Dobrev. Nina has one hell of a body! she had one of those tween bodies for the longest time but now she is sporting a full grown woman rack. Wait until you see her stripping down to her little bikini bottoms!


In tonight's update I am adding nude photos and clips from some great movies in Bluray. First off we have Your Highness in Bluray with Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel. Natalie received alot of attention for showing her buns in this film but wait until you see how hot Zooey looks. Beverly D'Angelo and Christie Brinkley are superb in National Lampoons Vacation. I left in all the best scenes for fans, especially the ones with Beverly in the shower. Wrong Turn 4 stars Kaitlyn Leeb and Tenika Davis. Do you know what is better than a lesbian sex scene in a horror film that features a black girl and a white girl? The answer in NOTHING. Soul Surfer is another great find that I'm proud to be posting. AnnaSophia Robb and Lorraine Nicholson are so hot, and they spend the whole 132 minutes in their bikinis with their asses falling out of their panties. Along Came Polly has Jennifer Aniston on Bluray as well as her sexy ass in some booty shorts. But, make sure you catch the Blu-ray stills of Jennifer salsa dancing minus her bra. And the grand finale is Eyes Wide Shut starring Nicole Kidman, Julienne Davis, and Abigail Good. It has been a long time since we saw Nicole naked but she looks outstanding!


We start of with off the videos tonight with Cheryl Mazil in Wolfcop (2014). She has sex with Wolf Cop in the jail cell. I guess it is not weird that she banged him since she is a wolf too, however she doesn't change into a wolf during the sex scene. Look, I am not against inter-animal-racial-wolf sex at all. But, I wonder how you perform that sex scene without laughing. And, does Wolf cop have the red rocket? Hows does that all work? I have more questions than answers after watching this film. But, one thing I will say is that Cheryl Mazil has huge tits, and they look pretty good when Wolf Cop is banging her. Our next film is The Door (2009). The Door is one of those depressing flicks that throws a good boob scene right in the middle of the movie. I didn't mind the depressing genre of the movie since it stars Mads Mikkelsen, only the worlds best Hannibal Lector. Gutshot Straight (2014) gives us some AnnaLynne McCord nipples and bikini shots. These clips don't exactly compare with the nude pictures of her released on 4chan last month, but once you have seen a girl with her fingers knuckle deep in her vagina, there is no topping it. Sophie Turner provides us with some cleavage and bra shots in the movie Another Me (2013)Kaley Cuoco is back in The Big Bang Theory: The Focus Attenuation and looking super-duper in a teeny little bikini. And, I wrap it all with with two classic movies on Bluray with matching Bluray photos. Please enjoy Original Sin on Bluray starring Angelina Jolie and I Spit On Your Grave 2 starring Jemma Dallender on Bluray.


We start today's video clips with a Blu-ray upgrade of Emmy Rossum and Emma Greenwell in Shameless. I loved watching Emmy getting her buns grabbed, but the best part is definetly Emma's ass in her green panties. Next in line is Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Honourable Woman: The Mother Line S01 E06. Maggie Gyllenhaal is REALLY ramping up the hotness in this show, and this episode has two very steamy nude scenes. Juliet Rylance shows us her boobies in The Knick: The Golden Lotus S01 E09. I have a feeling Julia is building a very large following very quickly. And closing up tonight is Plastic (2014) with Amelle Berrabah, Emma Rigby, and Chloe Goodman.


The first set of clips added today features Emma Greenwell, Emmy Rossum, Laura Wiggins, and Shanola Hampton in a Shameless Blu-ray upgrade. I had to add these clips because Shanola is so damn hot as a naughty nurse! But, there were plenty of great scenes with Emma and Emmy too. In the Blu-ray pictures you can see the vagina cover that Emma was wearing during the sex scene - that's what ya call some clear photos! And, Emmy Rossum was all Leggy Rossum in this episode, wearing a skirt that is about 6 inches too short. What a great episode to upgrade and the clips turned out great! Next is the hot tub scene from The league with Katie Aselton and Nadine Velazquez. I can't believe that Katie would ever be jealous of Nadine, but let's not pretend like I know a thing about how women think. And, the grand finale of celeb clips today is once again Emmy Rossum, but this time it is her new movie titled You're Not You (2014). Lots and lots of sexiness from Emmy in the video clips!