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Today's nude celebrities are Brianna Brown, Claire Danes, and Melissa Benoist nude in Homeland episode Grace. Brianna Brown is an incredibly sexy mid-thirties babe, who was a soap star, but did a few episodes on Homeland for us fans.  Melissa Benoist is not a well-known actress (yet) but she is so pretty that I just can’t put it in words – you have to see her. She is part girl-next-door and part porn star all in one delicious package.  The Blu-ray pics I posted of Melissa Benoist nude will blow your mind! Also added today are Turkey Shoot (2014), Scream: S01 E01 Pilot (2015), and Power: S02 E03 Like We're Any Other Couple (2015). There are a lot of hot nude celebs in this post!



Today I added Homeland: Pilot Episode, Horsehead (2014), Perfidia (2014), and Phantom Halo (2014). The Homeland episode is from Blu-ray, so all you Morena Baccarin and Claire Danes fans canstart rejoicing now! I'm digging through the first season Homeland all weekend coming up. These Blu-ray pics of Morena Baccarin in the nude are AWESOME! And, let's not skip over Horsehead (2014), which features Gala Besson and Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux naked snuggling in a bathtub. There is no part of that sentence I don't love. Perfidia (2014) gives us a quick view of Ximena del Solar's boobs. And, Phantom Halo (2014) wraps up today's update with a nice view of Rebecca Romijn's ass. Today's update is kickass!


The daily nude celebs are Gillian Alexy and Keri Russell in The Americans on Blu-ray. I added these clips because we get to see Gillian Alexy's ass and we also see her in some awesome lingerie! No, the ass picture is not one of the free photos, it's in the photo set, and during the part where she gets it doggy style. I thought I posted episode one already, but it turns out I did not, so that will be posted tomorrow too. The thing that really has me excited is that I have a whole new series Im starting this weekend that features a ton of Morena Baccarin nudity!

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Today's nude celeb clips star Anastasia Ganias, Camilla Luddington, Christie Ann Burson, Deborah Ann Woll, and Kelly Overton in True Blood episode Somebody That I Used to Know. Kelly Overton is bareass naked with her pretty feet flailing in the air while she gets her pussy licked! It's one very hot sex scene! But, for the legions of Deborah Ann Woll fans we also get to see her chained to a radiator wearing a VERY short skirt with fishnet stockings. There is not shortage of sexiness in these video clips! Also added today are The Crown Jewels (2011), Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead (2014), and A Second Chance (2014). May Andersen's boobs are simply fucking awesone in A Second Chance!!


In today's celeb update we have Naturi Naughton and Lela Loren buckass naked in Power: S02 E02 No Friends on the Street (2015) and Power: S02 E01 Consequences (2015). I also added video clips of Kim Shaw in her panties and lingerie from the movie Animals (2014). The best part of the update is Kate Lyn Sheil and Rachel Brosnahan in House of Cards. In this episode Kate Lyn Sheil and Rachel Brosnahan have a lesbian sex scene where they tongue kiss. We get to see Rachel Brosnahan in her bra and panties too. Tomorrow I am posting the clips and Blu-ray photos from the naked portion of this sex scene where we can really actually see these two babes rubbing their nipples together and bouncing their tits off each other. If you are a member right about now you'll be pretty fucking happy about your investment, because the next set of pictures are awesome. Rachel Brosnahan is a short girl, only 5'1" tall but she has huge C or D cup tits and you can see them perfectly in the photos I'm posting on Tuesday!

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Our nude videos of the day star Kate Mara, Freema Agyeman, Jamie Clayton, Krysten Ritter and Rosa Salazar. Actually, I added a shit-fuck load of videos over the last few days, but those are the highlights. What is better than two hot girls making love? A hot white girl and a hot black girl making love! Uh huh! And, those two girls are the free clip of the day from the TV show Sense8: S01 E01 Limbic Resonance. Now, the Kate Mara Blu-ray photos are cool because we get a whole new angle view of her tits from her nudie pics. And, we also get a peak at Tanis Parenteau's ass too. Nobody has those clips so it just seemed like we should get them posted for their fans. Also added are Search Party (2014), Return To Sender (2015), and Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. Lately, I'm just trying to post all the cool new nudity and I'm behind on the blog, but the way I see it that just means for exclusive pics and videos for our members!