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Today's nude celebs are Hannah New, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Lise Slabber, and Louise Barnes in Black Sails episode III. Hannah New is nude and finally shows us her beautiful rack! What a great episode this was, mostly because I never thought we get to see her naked. Jessica Parker Kennedy is also naked and she looks pretty hot even though she is chained to the floor naked. Lise Slabber his back and showing her very large D cup breasts. And, we have a lot of really good cleavage scenes with Louise Barnes. I can't wait to get to the very next episode because Louise Barnes is nude in that episode and you will not believe how great her body is. I cannot wait to update part four to Blu-ray! Also added today is Lo Mejor De Mi (2007) which features Nausica Bonnin and her perfect little boobs.

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Today's nude celebs are Emmy Rossum, Isidora Goreshter, Nichole Bloom, and Shanola Hampton in Shameless episode titled Lazarus. Emmy Rossum wakes up after her in the first night in prison wearing just her bra and surrounded by nude inmates. Shanola Hampton is sporting some huge jugs during the show's intro. Isidora Goreshter is nude and wearing a strap-on dildo. But, my favorite video clips stars Nichole Bloom who is aggressively sucking a lollipop. If watching Nichole Bloom suck and lick that lollipop doesn't make you twitch a little you should have your pulse checked, because you may be dead. Also added today is Fat Pizza vs Housos which stars Inez, Casey Kryloff, Elle Dawe, Kateryna Taylor, Nicole Sharrock, Patricia Farmer, Phoenix Rose, Roxanne Holmes, Stina Sparx, Tottie Goldsmith and Vanessa Davis. I absolutely love Patricia Farmer's boobs in this movie! Deborah Ann Woll is nude in Daredevil episode one titled Into the Ring. It will be interesting when this comes on Blu-ray and I can really make some better clips because she is topless, and I mean totally topless, but you just can't see her nipple. Tomorrow I'm going to post more of Penny dreadful, or maybe some more of Black Sails - all in Blu-ray of course.

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Today's nude celebs are Alexandra Breckenridge, Deborah Ann Woll, Janina Gavankar, and Lindsay Pulsipher in True Blood episode You Smell Like Dinner. Wow! What an amazing episode to redo in Blu-ray! First, we have Alexandra Breckenridge topless and naked while getting plowed on the bed by Bill. The, we get to see Janina Gavankar who has that Kardashian kind of look, except Janina Gavankar IS actually hot. And, my favorite babe is definitely Lindsay Pulsipher. Lindsay Pulsipher is totally nude and when she takes off her top my jaw drops every damn time. If Alexandra Breckenridge looks familiar that is because she is actually also that hot maid in American Horror Story. Next up today we have two episode of Outlander starring Caitriona Balfe and Lotte Verbeek. These two episodes are nothing but boobs, boobs boobs!

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Emma Roberts, Riley Voelkel, and Sarah Paulson start off our Sunday update today. Emma Roberts spends the entire episode wearing skirts that barely cover her panties. There is a scene where she is wearing a short, blue, skirt the camera follows her ass walks up the steps - there was no way I wasn't going to add that on Blu-ray! And, there is another little scene for Sarah Paulson fans we get to see her in her panties in suggestively rubbing fake blood all over her panties. Also in today's update is Shameless episode titled Love Songs which stars Bojana Novakovic, Emmy Rossum, and Kate Morgan Chadwick. As you would expect all three girls are naked. An Act of War (2015) is filmed in black and white but you don't want to mess Natasha Alam who shows us her boobs. And the wrap up movie is Perras (2011) starring Galilea Montijo, Natalia Zurita, Scarlet Dergal, and Claudia Zepeda. Today's free video clip stars Emmy Rossum doing exactly what she does best (getting nude).


Today's update features Emma Roberts, Lily Rabe, and Sarah Paulson nude in American Horror Story episode titled Boy Parts. Lily Rabe is in a video clip where she confronts some gator poachers, and she does it in a see-through top and no bra on underneath. Sarah Paulson is completely nude but somehow the people at FX managed to prevent you from seeing her nipples, even though she's bare ass naked on the floor. And the hottest scene goes to Emma Roberts who opens up her door wearing nothing but her panties and bra! I cannot wait to see more of Emma Roberts!! Also added today is Bianca Haase and Christine Bently nude in Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015) The plot? Uhm, probably not necessary for you to enjoy the movie. The wrap up movie today is Electricity (2014) starring Agyness Deyn nude and delicious!


Today's nude celebs are Clara Paget, Hannah New, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Lise Slabber in Black Sails episode one. The most amazing thing about redoing Black Sails on Blu-ray is Jessica Parker Kennedy, but it's also incredible to see all of the nude scenes brightly lit and clear! I just started redoing Black Sails on Blu-ray and I am thrilled by how great all the clips turned out, especially the Blu-ray photos. Clara Paget, Hannah New, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Lise Slabber are absolutely incredible in this TV series and a look even more incredible now. Today's free video clip stars Jessica Parker Kennedy and Lise Slabber, but there are actually five nude celebs in this clip. Whoever does the credits for Black Sails leaves out all of the naked girls, which kinda sucks because I like to look them up, but there is no complaining about Jessica Parker Kennedy and Lise Slabber in their foursome orgy scene. Lise Slabber is the brunette who has the fake beauty mark on her cheek and the D cup boobies. She is absolutely astounding!