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In today's Blu-ray video update we have Emma Greenwell, Emily Bergl, Emmy Rossum, and Faith DAmato. Emma Greenwell is naked again and this time the photos are so clear you can see the goosebumps on her nipples. Emmy Rossum is nude, too and she is getting fingered while riding on the subway, then they go back to his house where they continue having sex. When her boyfriend comes in she jumps up with one boob hanging out of her purple lace bra. Emily Bergl shows us her ass and Faith DAmato gives us a glorious up skirt view! Also added today is Casese Quien Pueda (2014) starring Martha Higareda in her panties and bra. There are new video clips from Dark World 2 (2013) with Mariya Pirogova topless. And, Muck (2015) has more nude girls could possibly ever ask for! Audra Van Hees, Jaclyn Swedberg, Lauren Francesca, and Laura Jacobs show us their boobs many, many, times!


Today's new video clips feature Reese Witherspoon nude in the movie titled Wild 2014. It has been a while since we saw Reese Witherspoon, and even longer since we've seen her in the nude. I have to say that Reese Witherspoon looks great nude! I think I actually prefer to see Reese in those romantic flicks that I do here, but still nice to see her back on the screen. The nude scenes are weird and a little choppy but there's no mistaking that she is still a very beautiful woman. I also added some video clips from Dexter that feature Julie Benz and Jaime Murray. Jaime Murray has an incredible little body and when I was watching the show on Blu-ray I noticed in one scene her dresses see-through and she has this great little thong on. Is the scene where she is bowling and she might as well be standing there in her bra and panties, which all sounds great to me, because I adore her. And, I added some of the cleavage scenes with Julie Benz because there's never enough photos of her to go around. Tomorrow I will probably add some of the strippers from Dexter, because I'm expecting Banshee, Game of Thrones and shameless is to show up tomorrow afternoon. Hope you all enjoy the Reese Witherspoon nude clips!


Today's new celeb movie is The Interview starring Diana Bang, Hazeltine Gariza, James Franco, Lia Lam, Lizzy Caplan, Peenkay Tang and Seth Rogen in high definition Blu-ray. The number one reason I did this movie was to get a better look at Diana Bang. What a perfect name for this gorgeous Asian babe! She has an amazing little package and an excellent sex scene. She has some dirty talk in that Asian accent then she bangs Seth Rogen in the gun locker room. This movie is funny as hell and has five sexy Asian celebrity babes. Do I need to explain more? And let's not forget that James Franco has about 1000 quotable lines in this movie and is just hysterical.


Today's new Blu-ray video stars Darlinda Just Darlinda, Faith Sandberg, Gretchen Mol, Kelly Macdonald, Lauren Sharpe, Marcella Lentz-Pope, and Paz de la Huerta. The real star (as always) is my favorite babe Paz de la Huerta who shows us her breasts and her hairy bush. Paz de la Huerta is nude, crazy, and 100% sexy woman! If there is ever a perfect example of what a woman is and should be it is this babe right here. She always plays these crazy characters but I bet she's the sweetest thing you ever met your life. I added a bunch of women from this episode of Boardwalk that were uncredited before and I brightened all the scenes so we can really see the nudity. Thanks to Blu-ray technology we can see everything a little bit better, including Paz de la Huerta's pussy when she pulls her panties aside. Also added today are House of Cards: S03 E10 Chapter 36, Hindsight: S01 E08 The Imaginary LineHeartless: S01 E04 (2014), and Deadwood: S03 E05 The Two-Headed Beast


Tucker and Dale are just a couple of good ole boys who bought a cabin by the lake as a vacation spot. A group of college kids decide to road-trip and party for the weekend next to Tucker and Dale. Though the country boys mean no harm, just their look scares the kids, and as the kids start getting killed in horrific (yet funny accidents) Tucker and Dale are blamed. Katrina Bowden and Chelan Simmons star in this funny spoofy-horror that I really liked! Chelan Simmons is nude and gets blood on her boobs EVERY time someone gets killed. And, Katrina Bowden shows us her panty camel toe which looks good enough to eat in Blu-ray. Also added today are Shameless: S05 E07, House of Cards: S03 E05 Chapter 31, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce: S01 E13, and Heartless: S01 E05 (2014).


In today's update I added new videos of Chloe Sevigny, Jenny Wade, Lizzie Brochere, and Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story episode titled Tricks and Treats. The number 1 reason I redid these videos is because there is a scene where Lizzie Brochere bends over naked in front of the bathtub, and I knew that in Blu-ray I'd really be of the see her ass. And as I predicted it looks amazing! I like the show American Horror Story and I'm always amazed by how popular these posts are. With that said I'm ordering season three of American Horror Story on Blu-ray for people who love it as well. Also today I added Heartless S01 E03 which stars Frederikke Dahl Hansen and she shows us her perky little boobs. Beau Garret is back in the show Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce and she has some cleavage to share. Lisa Welinder is topless in Munich (2005) and even though it's a movie about terrorism one can not help but notice her awesome boobs. And wrapping up today's update is Tabatha Shaun with one hell of a great sex scene in the movie The Guest (2014). Tabatha Shaun is also our featured nude celeb today.