Movie: Vampire Academy HD

Movie: Vampire Academy HD
Year: 2014
Director: Mark Waters
Critic rating: 4
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Format: High-Definition

This is a sexy little tween movie about a school for vampires who are training to become guardians for the Moroi (good vampires) that co-exist peacefully with the humans. The highlights of this flick are the sexy ladies, that is for sure. Sarah Hyland's boobs are in a pushup the whole time and I dig this girl's look. Sarah had big boobs to begin with so add the pushup bra and you have an amazing sight to see. Also, don't miss Sarah Hyland straddling one of her victims - if that is being victimized then I am next in line! Next we have Zoey Deutch who is also showing a bunch of cleavage. I think in video clip #3 there is some nip slip going on, but check the Blu-ray pics and let me know if you agree.

Vampire Academy - Video Clip #01

Lucy Fry is a Moroi, of which she is the last of her bloodlines. She takes the blood offered by Zoey Deutch, who in turn is a half-breed that is sworned to protect the Morois. In this scene, Lucy sucks on Zoey's neck and the two girls moan as the "vamping" is completed. As a rule of thumb, anything that involves two girls sucking is never bad.

Vampire Academy - Video Clip #02

Olga Kurylenko plays the Headmistress named Kirova and is the strict headmistress of the academy. She tries to expell Zoey from the academy for taking Princess Lucy Fry off school premises. Do you remember her in Hitman where she only had a thong and she was topless? I was kind of imagining her like that while she walked around scolding the girls. Too bad she didn't give spankings as punishment.

Vampire Academy - Video Clip #03

Sarah Hyland is a nerdy half-breed vampire with the special power of tasting blood; she can tell if it's from a human, vampire or half-breeds. In this scene Sarah is tonguing the wall over and over while she tries to determine the blood type. I wonder what she could tell by doing that to me.

Vampire Academy - Video Clip #04

I captured this video clip because Sarah Hyland's boobs are bursting out of her dress. We also get a bunch of sneak peek views of Zoey's boobs as her nightgown parts. I would kill an innocent bystander to see Sarah's breasts. I'm just putting that offer out there.

Vampire Academy - Video Clip #05

This scene starts with Sarah Hyland kicking Zoey Deutch's ass. But, then all of a sudden we see her straddled on a victim wearing a skirt and arching her back. This is the world's best view of Sarah's boobs and legs - the scene is just flat out hot!

Vampire Academy - Video Clip #06

Zoey Deutch is thrown to the floor and lays spread eagle in some yoga pants. When Zoey gets up her boobs are wobbling under she tight, little, shirt and we get a fantastic view of her ass.

Vampire Academy - Video Clip #07

This is the scene where I think there is a Zoey Deutch nip slip. Her boobs are so pushed out that I think we actually see her nipples in the deep cleavage. Check out the Blu-ray photos I posted and you will see what I'm talking about. Her tits are dynamite.

Vampire Academy - Video Clip #08

Zoey Deutch is dressed like Catwoman in this clip and battles a little bit with her male trainer. Pretty much this whole video clip is nothing but Zoey in a tight tank top, wrestling, fighting, and her boobs about 1 inch away from falling out.

Vampire Academy - Video Clip #09

Zoey Deutch is laying flat on her back with her boobs poking up like mountains. What a nice view on the top. Is it just me or do all guys watch a scene like this and immediately think about tit fucking?

Vampire Academy - Video Clip #10

In this video clip Zoey Deutch is wearing a great dress that shows off her cleavage. At the end of the scene, Zoey gives Olga a narcotic to know her out, and as she leaves Zoey gives us a nice down-blouse.

Vampire Academy - Video Clip #11

Finally, the Zoey Deutch sex scene in lingerie. Just look at how damn hot she is! When she lays back on the bed and her boobs push together I almost tit-fucked my laptop.

Photos: Vampire Academy HD

These are sexy Blu-ray photos of Lucy Fry, Olga Kurylenko, Sarah Hyland, and Zoey Deutch. Make sure to pay special attention to Sarah who sexually straddles a dude after killing him (which gives us some great boob shots). Also, I think there is some Zoey Deutch nudity in the scene where she has on the tight black dress from video clip number three.