Movie: Vamp U (2013) HD

Movie: Vamp U (2013) HD
Year: 2013
Director: Matt Jespersen, Maclain Nelson
Critic rating: 3
Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror
Format: High-Definition

This the story of a vampire who can't grow his teeth, a curse that began when he killed the love of his life 300 years ago. He is now a teacher of history in a school for vampires. The real story in this movie is Alexis Knapp's big hooters. I mean, we see her tits ALOT and they look like they are one ounce away from busting her bra right off her body. Her tits are literally pushing out the sides and they look great!

Vamp U (2013) HD - Video Clip #01

Alexis Knapp is popping out her boobs but still wears a bra. But, nonetheless she still looks awesome. She gets bitten by vampire Julie Gonzalo, then goes on a biting frenzy in the school premises. This movie should have been named Alexis Knapp's Knockers and I am not kidding at all.

Vamp U (2013) HD - Video Clip #02

Alexis Knapp is a victim of a vampire bite inside her room. And her breasts are also at risk of being victimized while she lays there unconscious and in nothing but a bra.

Vamp U (2013) HD - Video Clip #03

A vampire turned by Alexis Knapp gets lured into a vampire trap and gets killed. On the bright side, Alexis Knapp's breasts are practically out of her sexy little top and they are squeezed together exactly the way I like them.