Movie: Absolution HD

Movie: Absolution HD
Year: 1997
Director: David DeCoteau
Critic rating: 3
Rating: R
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: High-Definition

This 1997 Sci-Fi adventure features an amazing woman who also happens to have an incredible body. Jaime Pressly has gotten nude a few times, but most of the video clips you find of her are going be low grade junk. I dug this gem out of my personal DVD collection and upscaled it to HD with incredible results. It is not Blu-ray quality but it is pretty damn impressive and amazingly clear. Jaime Pressly's tits look like they were carved out of stone and we get to see her sexy ass in a thong - that alone makes this movie worth watching.

Absolution HD - Video Cip #01

This video clip stars Jaime Pressly nude and making love to Mario Lopez. You will never even notice that he is in the room once she takes her bra off. If you don't recognize Jaime Pressly, she was the hot blonde babe in Poison Ivy and also My Name is Earl. This video is probably the best quality nude video you will find of this babe anywhere on the net because all of her nude scene were filmed in Standard Definition. This one flick just happened to be recorded in a format that was much better than usual.
Added on: 2014-08-05 17:54:20
Runtime: 02:37
Sexy nude collage of Jaime Pressly in Movie: Absolution HD. 

Photos: Absolution HD

These are high definition photos of Jaime Pressly naked in the movie titled Absolution. These stills are not quite Blu-ray but they are outstanding and as clear as watching the film on your television. You can actually see the goose bumps on her nipples and the texture of her ass when the camera pans over her hot little body.