Movie: High Tension

Movie: High Tension
Year: 2003
Director: Alexandre Aja
Critic rating: 4
Rating: TV-Y
Genre: Horror
Format: html

High Tension is not just the title of this 2003 French horror/thriller; it's an apt description. This movie starts at 120 mph, and never slows down. Neither does the blood and gore.

Alex brings her friend Marie home from school for a weekend of seclusion the in family's country home. During the first night, a mysterious man in an old van invades the home, kills her parents and younger brother, and abducts Alex. Marie was able to hide and avoid detection, so now it's up to her to save Alex.

This thing is non-stop action and suspense, with a real surprise ending. The DVD has an English soundtrack so English-speakers won't have to worry about sub-titles, but this is an extremely bloody and gory movie, so those with a weak stomach should probably take a pass....which is too bad because this is a very cool flick.

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Runtime: 00:27
Genres: Horror
Actresses: Maiwenn Le Besco
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