Movie: Hotel De Love

Movie: Hotel De Love
Year: 1996
Director: Craig Rosenberg
Critic rating: 3
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy
Format: plain

10 years ago at a party, Steven thinks he sees the girl of his dreams, Melissa. Just as he's about to make his move, his twin brother Rick gets to her first and they fall in love. Steven watches his brother's relationship bloom, longing for Melissa all the while. Eventually, Melissa leaves to go to college and the brothers go on with their lives. Steven becomes a workaholic to block out his feelings about Melissa and Rick becomes a spineless bellboy at the Hotel de Love, after a later girl friend stood him up at the altar. Enter Steven and Rick's warring parents visiting the Hotel de Love for their anniversary. Re-enter Melissa with her current boyfriend, Norman. Suddenly Rick and Steven have a second chance at Melissa. Also there's Alison the palm reader, Susie behind the counter, the owner/piano player, and the freshly married couple.

Hotel De Love - Video Clip #01

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Runtime: 00:49
Genres: Comedy
Actresses: Raelee Hill
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