Movie: Death Wish III on Bluray

Movie: Death Wish III on Bluray
Year: 1995
Director: Michael Winner
Critic rating: 5
Rating: R
Genre: Cop, Action
Format: BluRay

These are video clips from Death Wish III on Bluray starring Marina Sirtis and Sandy Grizzle. Marina Sirtis is nude in the first two clips where she plays the role of an innocent Mexican girl who is attacked by some look street criminals. Remember folks, it is acting -not real. Marina Sirtis may look familiar to you as she played the sexy Counselor Deanna Troi on the television series Star Trek. In these video clips Marina Sirtis is very nude and very cute. Also naked in this up is Sandy Grizzle. Her manager probably could have given her a better name. I would have suggested Sandy Pancakes. Sandy gets kidnapped by bad guys and while they are carrying her away, her boobs pop out, and we get some upskirt peeks. Sandy Grizzle is one sexy black lady! She has been the sexy naked girl in quite a few films playing the unknown naked girl standing next to the tree type roles.

Marina Sirtis Death Wish - Video Clip #01

Marina Sirtis Death Wish - Video Clip #02

Sandy Grizzle Death Wish - Video Clip #03

Photos: Marina Sirtis & Sandy Grizzle Nude Pics

These are nude pics of Marina Sirtis and Sandy Grizzle on Bluray from the movie Death Wish III.