Movie: Ash vs Evil Dead SE01EP01

Movie: Ash vs Evil Dead SE01EP01
Year: 2015
Director: Sam Raimi
Critic rating: 5
Rating: MA
Genre: Horror | Comedy
Format: HD Blu-Ray

These are video clips from the TV show titled Ash vs Evil Dead episode El Jefe. These clips and pics feature Jennifer Freed and Dana DeLorenzo. Dana DeLorenzo just has the sexiest eyes you have ever seen and when she looks at the camera..well, you will see what I mean. Jennifer Freed is the star of these clips, as she is having sex with our hero in the bathroom. She looks hot as hell! But, I have to laugh as Bruce Campbell slaps her ass with his wood arm. I love this show and I love Dana DeLorenzo.

Dana DeLorenzo Ash vs Evil Dead SE01EP01 - Video Clip #01

Jennifer Freed Ash vs Evil Dead SE01EP01 - Video Clip #02

Photos: Dana DeLorenzo Jennifer Freed Ash Vs Evil Dead se01ep1

These are Blu-ray pics of Dana DeLorenzo and Jennifer Freed in Ash Vs Evil Dead se01ep1. Dana DeLorenzo just looks sexy as hell dressed like a cashier. But, Jennifer Freed really steals the show while having sex with Bruce in bathroom of the local bar! She is looking in the mirror with her skirt hiked up and her shirt pulled down. All in HD Blu-ray!