Movie: Vampire Sisters

Movie: Vampire Sisters

The Baltimore based b-movie battalion Timewarp Films are back at it again with this grade-z schlock, a shot-on-video horror flick that suffers from a weak script and very low production values. Written by Timewarp mastermind Don Dohler and directed by ex-cop turned auteur Joe Ripple, Vampire Sisters starts off with a promising concept that steadily becomes overly repetitive and doesn't ever really make good on its potential. Darla Albornoz, Syn DeVil and Jeannie Michelle Jameson play the title characters, a trio of sexy bloodsuckers that lure men to their lair via an internet porn site. Once at their place, men are teased within an inch of exploding and then are brutally murdered and preyed upon by the always-hungry femmes. The reason they are teased is due to the fact their blood tastes better when aroused. Incidentally, this bit about the better tasting blood was often used as a vehicle for comic characters doffing their kit in Kirk Lindo's Vamperotica erotic comic book.

As expected, Syn DeVil sheds her cloths in several scenes. A buxom brunette that shows up in a few of Timewarp's flicks, DeVil might make a good Luxura, the lead vamp of the previously mentioned Vamperotica comics if they continue to make straight-to-video "movies" based on the comics. Joining her is equally exhibitionistic Jeannie Michelle Jameson, but Darla Arbonoz, the best actress of the bunch, manages to keep her clothes on, though she's not above parading around in several a tantalizing ensemble including a naughty schoolgirl number that'll send some reeling.

Unfortunately, by the third killing, you've already seen enough of the ladies and their bland, bad-acting victims, almost all of whom are unattractive men in their 30's or 40's. Dohler and Ripple try to mix things up a bit by tossing in a female victim (played by Montreal's answer to Misty Mundae, actress Isabelle Stephen), but this bit of inspiration is short-lived and instead we're asked to care about a humdrum subplot involving a pair of detectives' attempts to track down the murderous sisters. This is a real shame as it wastes Leanna Chamish, here in a thankless detective role, who is a regular in Timewarp movie and is usually so much fun to watch.

Like all of the Timewarp pictures, there is an air of campy fun given off by Vampire Sisters, but this time the plot isn't as involving and the production feels rushed. Too bas, as this company seems to be one of the few that cares to put more than just T&A in their no-budget creations.

  • Format: Closed-captioned, Color, NTSC
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Studio: Brain Damage
  • DVD Release Date: September 21, 2004
  • Run Time: 80 minutes

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