Movie: V.I.P.: Val On the Run

Movie: V.I.P.: Val On the Run
Year: 1999
Director: Farhad Mann
Publisher: Lawton Entertainment/Sony Television
Critic rating: 3
Rating: TV-14
Genre: Comedy/Action
Format: DVD

Season One, Episode 15. Val's production friend Steve Wizner, a rising Holywood studio executive, can call her just in time for VIP to rescue him from thugs send by bootleg video bosses he will expose in court. He chooses VIP over FBI protection, but is shot in the pool with her by Helga, his Swedisdh topless 'housekeeper'. VIP suspects FBI witness protection Agent Lambert is the dirty link, but he's not the only one playing a deceptive game.

V.I.P.: Val On the Run - Video Clip #01