Movie: Homeland: Semper I

Movie: Homeland: Semper I
Year: 2011
Director: Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Rating: 4
Genre: Drama
Format: Blu-ray

No nudity in this episode from Morena Baccarin, but we do get a nice flashback to Morena Baccarin in her bra and panties! I love Morena Baccarin and her perky little body so I HAD to add some pics of her in her panties and bra.

Homeland SE01 EP04 Semper I Morena Baccarin - Video Clip #01

Photos: Homeland SE01 EP04 Semper I

These are sexy photos of Morena Baccarin wearing just her panties and bra in Homeland episode titled Semper I. Morena Baccarin looked so sexy I just couldn't pass up posting these awesome pics of her!
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