Movie: Crash Bluray

Movie: Crash Bluray
Year: 2004
Director: Paul Haggis
Critic rating: 5
Rating: R
Genre: Action
Format: Blu-ray

Outstanding cast and acting, outstanding sound track, and an excellent story highlight this 2004 drama. The plots are too numerous to detail here; this is an ensemble piece about a group of very diverse strangers whose lives nevertheless touch one another. The prevailing theme is racism, but no one group is spared. In fact, the movie shows just about every race imaginable discriminating in some form against every other. This movie has no real heroes. Although the story is not especially pleasant, it is hard-hitting and very well done. A must-see movie on Blu-ray

Crash HD - Video Clip #01

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Runtime: 01:38
Sexy nude collage of Jennifer Esposito in Movie: Crash Bluray. 

Crash HD - Video Clip #02

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Runtime: 02:43
Tags: High Definition
Actresses: Thandie Newton
Sexy nude collage of Thandie Newton in Movie: Crash Bluray. 

Photos: Crash Jennifer Esposito Bluray Photos

These are Blu-ray photos of Jennifer Esposito nude and taken from Bluray. This was the first time Jennifer ever got nude on camera so even though there is only one clip an a dew dozen pictures, it was definitely worth doing. Jennifer has a really nice set of boobies and the photos are so clear you can almost feel them.